Initially my legs were stiff, I was unable to move and walk. I was taken to a private allopathy hospital. At the age of 45, I was diagnosed with Type II diabetes mellitus and was told that the stiffness in the legs was due to diabetes. I was also informed that by managing the glucose levels the stiffness can be decreased. For 8 years my condition was managed by the allopathy medications. After taking the medication I used to feel lethargic, drowsy and could not do my daily household chores.

read more..In 2016 my son suggested me to approach Dr. Ravi Shankar Polisetty. I consulted Dr. Ravi Shankar, he checked my pulse and prescribed me with the customized supplements, diet(Vatha), exercises like Suryanamaskar, Naukasana and DNB. I was explained about thetreatment procedure and the importance of medication compliance, which I understood and followed it strictly. Although it was tough to follow all the procedures but my temperament to live lead a healthy life made me follow all the given procedures. I was asked to monitor my glucose levels (FBS, PLBS) on a daily basisand report it to the doctors. while monitoring the values I was able to the see improvement, as my glucose values were decreasing, my allopathy dosages were decreased within the first 3 months and after 8 months all the allopathy dosages were weaned off, although I was advised to continue the herbal supplements. After one year of treatment I was told that my Glucose levels were under control and the herbal supplements dosages were also weaned off. Now I am able to do work actively and leading a healthy and happy life.

Name: Bharathi Gampa
Place: Jagithyal, Telangana, India
Condition: Diabetes Mellitus Type II


"From 2011 I had been suffering with sun allergy. In 2013 the severity of allergy increased resulting in whitepatches, rashes on the body. I used many sunscreen lotions and medication suggested by the allopathy doctors but I didn’t find any improvement. In 2013 I approached Dr. Ravi Shankar Polisetty as suggested by one of my relatives. I was treated for 4 months with the customized supplements, diet and exercises. During the first month of the treatment I was relived from itching and in the second month the white patches on my face faded away and gradually my condition improved. Although I was scared that the allergies would reoccur in the next summer, but I was amazed that even after travelling in places with temperature of 40-45 degrees I did not have allergies. I got rid of it completely.

read more.. In August 2016 I was diagnosed with Hepatitis B +ve and underwent treatment in a Private Super Specialty Hospital for 3 months but didnot respond to the conventional treatment. I was told that scope of survival was less as my liver was getting damaged at a very fast rate, from the past experience that I had with Dr. Ravi Shankar Polisetty and his scientific Ayurveda methodology, I approached him. With the customized supplements, diet( pitha) and exercises like Suryanamaskara and Naukasana within 3 months my SGOT and SGPT levels decreased.

SGPT dropped from 3775 to 26
SGOT dropped from 1419 to 20,
ALP dropped from 120 to 63 and remaining Liver function tests came to normal.

Anti Hepatitis B surface antibody test was found to be “Negative” after three months of treatment.

Name: Ravi Kumar Pujari
Place: Hyderabad, Telangana, India
Condition: Sun Allergy and Hepatitis B +ve


12 years back I had observed rashes and allergy on the skin, though i did not have itching sensations but there was dryness which was irritating and my skin was unusually patchy and ??/. Worried about my condition I Consulted many Ayurvedic, Allopathy and Homeopathy doctors but I could not find any improvement. After using all the medicines I could not find any therapy that would help me to cure my condition ,day by day the patches were spreading different regions of my body. I used to feel bad that I was not able live my life like others. I even started practicing yoga on my father's suggestion.

read more..After trying everything when I almost lost all the hopes, One day through a pamphlet I got to know that Dr. Ravi Shankar Polisetty is going to give speech in Kala Bharathi on Ancient methodology. I attended the seminar where he explained about the concept in detail about Balancing the Vatha, Pitha and kapha. From which I understood that he did some research on psoriasis, with a hope I consulted Dr. Ravi Shankar Polisetty He diagnosed my pulse and told that it will take 28 months for the condition to cure. He prescribed Supplements, Diet and exercises which I followed strictly. After using the supplements for 6 months I didn't find any improvement, which I told the doctor during consultation. He explained me that though the symptoms were not visible but my body was healing from inside and there was improvement was seen in my pulse. He also explained the concept of Balancing the VPK in 7 layers is a time taking process.

After 2 months of my second consultation, I noticed that the dryness of skin and allergy had reduced to some extent, that gave me confidence that my condition can be cured. I have been using the medicines for an year and I have found 50% improvement in my condition and I hope that by next year I will be totally cured as the doctor told. I'm happy that I finally found cure for my skin condition and I'm grateful to Dr. Ravishankar for giving me hope and the confidence to lead a healthy life and a normal life .

Name: Shruthi Voona
Place: Vishakhapatnam, India
Condition: PSORIASIS