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Docture-Poly™ - Wearable health device built to maintain homeostasis.

Docture-Poly™ is a wearable device for sensing and detecting your unique biological signals, harnessing advanced AI, ML protocols to coming up with your personalized recommendations.

The connection between food, physical activity and well-being has been understood for thousands of years. In both Eastern and Western cultures, systematic observation, measurement and experiment were the foundations of treatment protocols aimed at restoring the body's balance and its health.Sai Ganga Panakiea - SGP

The two approaches differ profoundly in emphasis. The Eastern systems, Ayurveda in particular have tended to rely on natural interventions while the West has opted for highly technological approaches - detailed analytics, data sets and molecular manipulation.

Founder Researchers at Sai Ganga Panakeia (India), Panacea Nova Inc (Canada), Novadigm health Inc (US) collaborated with Russian Scientists and spent more than 100-man years of research in pioneering translational research which took the form of Poly Scientific Ayurveda to come up with metrics for homeostasis, which in Ayurvedic parlance, is Doshic balance. With the collaborations of Researchers from University of Waterloo, Guidance of RICC and Communitech, we came up with sensors that can detect biological signals.

With the help of Indian Mechatronics and Design engineers, thesetwo systems have blendedinto one powerful device, the DOCTURE-POLY™. Harnessing sophisticated sensors and advanced Artificial Intelligence protocols and analytics, its app-powered wearable technology combines traditional and contemporary knowledgewith algorithm-driven analytics driven to offer personalized dietary, herbal and lifestyle recommendations to restore and protect the body's natural balance.

Docture-Poly™ stands tall among the IoT Innovations as it is poised to become the world's first IoT device for automation of health care. The software involving AI and ML protocols derived from wisdom generated from Bharath’s (Ancient India) indigenous Ayurvedic sciences and tested with western scientific standards.

A. Technical Architecture: The wearable uses advanced sensors (Photo Plethysmography, Accelerometer, Gyrometer) to detect biological signals. The data thus acquired is securely transmitted by a bluetooth device to an app on the smartwatch. The app sends the data to run analytics on SGP’s proprietary servers. Analytics use Python and Advanced Al algorithms, developed based on>100 man years of translational research. Reports are then sent back to the app on smartphones. All communication is relayed over HTTPS and is secure within the shown endpoints. Endpoint access requires a user to authenticate, which is controlled and monitored by Federated Identities. Therefore, no proprietary information is available outside the system and information within the system is always attached to a user's identity.

B. Networking Architecture: The wearable device communicates with the smartphone through a bluetooth interface. The smartphone is connected via HTTPS (app based) to the central servers, in our in-house servers where our Data repository is maintained and wherefrom Analytics run.

C. Product Architecture:
Sai Ganga Panakeia and Panacea Nova have come up with 5 wearable modules.

  • Doq-NUPER: For your right food choices
  • Doq-FIT: For your right fitness and yoga regimen
  • Doq-TM: For personalized herbal regimen
  • Doq-OMICS: For Tracking your OMICS
  • Inno-DOQ: For helping academicians and scientists to virtually understand biological cell environment