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Do not get diseases treated but get cured, proven methods – – Dr. Ravi Shankar Polisetty

Do not get diseases treated but get cured, proven methods – – Dr. Ravi Shankar Polisetty

Are you suffering from terminally ill and chronic disorders

Fed up of running between multi-specialty hospitals

Want to seriously cure your body

Are you prepared to wait to see the magical cure

Would you like to know about the one stop solution for all ailments

Then our today’s story is on ‘WAY2WORLD ICON’ of the day, should raise your eyebrows in exclamation and adulation. Be prepared to witness the story of a doctor who has bigger educational qualifications, thrice his name and almost 40 plus patent pending technologies to his credit and is making waves in the medical mapping of the nation, unleashing the true potential of our Ancient Samhitas (Sciences of Bharath)

Disease is just an abnormal chemical reaction due to the discrepancies of the proportions of Vata, Pitha and Kapha in individual organs in any human. If these anomalies are rectified then the cure is inevitable in seventy percent cases. Provided they are within the elastic limits of cure.

However instead of curing the anomalies in the body we are looking at masking the symptoms in the name of diseases. And that gets managed but, gives way for reactions which again set in newer ones. So we run from one specialist to another in our pursuit for survival.

Our ancestors have a cure for almost every disease in the body, in fact they were far advanced than us or for that matter than anyone else across the globe. However, we were ignorant to decode them, whatever be the reasons.

Our Way2World Icon of the day is the man who has almost mastered allopathy, Ayurveda and naturopathy and has integrated all the sciences to work out an amiable solution to enhance the medical living standards of humans without bearing pain and economically too, which he terms as Poly-Scientific Ayurveda.

Now, let us take pride in introducing Dr RAVI SHANKAR POLISETTY, MD (Physician) – Russia, MS (Ordinatura in Gen, Lap, Laser Surgery), MS (Ordinatura in Cardio-Vascular Surgery), (PHD-CVS) – Russia, MD (Alt Med)- India, ND (India), DNM (Canada), DHS (Canada). This renowned doctor who has trotted around the globe has now settled back in India leaving behind a legacy of being the most sought surgeon.

He has started his own Scientific Ayurvedic medical StartUp, SAI GANGA PANAKEIA, at Hyderabad. Numerous patients meet this miracle doctor and thank him for curing them despite of being rejected by many doctors. His pleasant smile and confidence in his diagnosis helps him cure the patients over a period of time.

Be it dialysis ridden diabetic renal patients, or with affected coronaries, or allergies or Asthma or various Auto-Immune disorders, or even viral and bacterial fevers or even some types of cancers, all are almost curable by following strict diet and exercise regime along with their prescribed herbal medicines.

Normally Ayurvedic medicines have some baggage attached to them and could react due to their impurities present in them. However the herbal supplements given to the patients at this centre are processed well by properly applying pharma grade manufacturing standards and are sterilized properly before being packed and the whole process is precision oriented.

He simply narrated, be it Charaka Samhita or Sushruta Samhita, learnt the original Sanskrit scriptures and tried and succeeded in analysing the content and still feels it is inadequate. The pathology and treatment is well differentiated and defined and is also disease specific. We need to use the magnifying glass of our intuitions to understand and derive a solution.

In an exclusive interview to Way2WorldDr RAVI SHANKAR POLISETTY revealed his ambitious plan to treat a minimum one lakh patients across the nation in the next one and half years in a prospective study and then through WOM (word of mouth) would reach a wider base. But is it possible given the Naadi (pulse) to be checked by the doctor and reaching out to such massive number is just a figment of imagination of an ambitious plan.


This is when I was introduced to ‘Docture – Poly’ (Doctor of the Future) and this was amazing invention by the doctor himself. This is a part of an IoT platform with sensors sending biological signals of a subject to a mobile app installed on your mobile phone which in turn connects to the server at the headquarters and runs analytics.

Precisely in ten minutes (am a live example) the report gave details of my Blood profile, sugar lipid profile, VPK Profile and BP, in an excel format. It even suggested what I should eat and how to be fit, and what herbal supplements I which extraction format have to be taken; however no medication was prescribed as the device felt that I was naturally curable by altering my habits. I was flabbergasted!

Well how was this possible, normally this would have taken a couple of days and would have costed me a few thousands. Dr Ravi Shankar Polisetty then revealed his master plan, ‘I would like every doctor to be patient friendly, which they are and only if adequate hi-tech analysis is available at their disposal, then they would be able to perform miracles for their patients.’

‘Docture-Poly’ is world’s first wearable that could analyse your body imperfections with non-invasive methodology. This was exclusively designed by Dr Ravi Shankar Polisetty who had specially learnt software like Python and other relevant ones to design his own IoT ecosystem.

He added, ‘17 years of experience in Drug Discovery and clinical trials with new drugs – Safety and Toxicology studies in animals in a phased manner. Safety and Toxicology studies in Humans during advanced phase clinical trials of new drugs/formulations had helped me design this innovative product.

In addition, he says, ‘I have also integrated data from public databases and created rock-solid algorithms.’ This goes into the IoT setup which even sends signal to the family physician who could in turn give medical advice. However, if the patient prefers alternative medicine, his integrated formulations are there for permanent cure without side effects.

With profound expertise, he has created novel methodology applying concepts of Ancient Indian (Ayurvedic) techniques of alternative medicine in achieving symptom free survival of terminally ill patients suffering from Ischemic Heart Disease and many other terminally ill chronic diseases.

He has done extensive research and devised protocols for regenerative medicine and diabetic pathology and his scope of research is not just limited to these conditions. You name it he has a cure, but he firmly believes that all the methodologies should be validated by Scientific Congresses across the world and respective FDAs.

During our recent visit to his clinic, we had a chance to meet a patient who was diagnosed of breast cancer and with belief in the doctor they came to him for consultation. The reports today done from a private lab suggests that due to regular usage of norms specified, tumour size had been reduced to almost 40% of the actual size, four months ago.

The testimonials are unlimited and SAI GANGA PANAKEIA is sure to bring back the glory to Indian ancient medicine and show its supremacy over the prevailing trends. And soon the west might follow us. Fortunately, world over is coming to the footsteps of this curing place but unfortunately he is yet to gain popularity in his native nation, irony of the day but, he is not perturbed as he firmly believes that ‘Truth doesn’t need any popularity’

Way2World with Dr RaviShankar P

He concluded, “The mission is pretty straight and achievable – ‘Help ailing mankind get rid of disease, with the help of advanced health care delivery by a proper blend of Ancient yet Poly-Scientific Ayurveda and advanced western digital systems, and make India the health capital of the world‘. I invite all to join the mission and be a part of an important chapter in the Global history of Health Care Delivery. I had been working on this concept for the past 28 years and started executing it in the last 17-18 years putting in about more than 100 man years of research into fundamental Ayurveda and pre-clinical and clinical studies.”

SAI GANGA PANAKEIA co-founded along with his wife Ms Santhi and a good old friend Mr DVR Shastry, is ready to shake the medical diagnosis arena and offer cure to a massive extent of chronic and terminally ill conditions in the coming future and we are proud to witness history. With inputs from internet – RajKishan (edited by Dr Ravi Shankar Polisetty)