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Sangam Talks-Reclaim, Rebuild, THE INDIAN CIVILIZATION

Sangam Talks Of Dr Ravishankar Polisetty

Dr Ravishankar Polisetty is a Cardiac Surgeon turned Translational Ayurvedic researcher and is a member of various cardiac surgery associations across the world. Even during his days of acquiring medical education, he realized that personalized medicine remains one of the important problems in the modern medicine and having been influenced by the teachings of Sri Sathya Sai Baba even during the days of his schooling, he picked up Sanskrit, learnt original Ayurvedic Scriptures and realized that Ayurveda is a very advanced form of Mathematical biology and invented a new form of clinical biotechnology, Poly Scientific Ayurveda, by putting in about more than 100 man years of work into translational research of Ayurveda.

He was the first in the world to demonstrate regeneration of heart tissue in experimental animal models of MI (Heart attack) and had lectured in many universities world over and authored over 100 scientific publications and holds several patents.