Doq Nuper

Dieting takes more than will-power. People who successfully lost weight and kept it off, have discovered approaches that worked for them based on their unique personalities. Doq-NUPER identifies your unique personality, gives you a dietary plan based on your preferences and unique body constitutional profile.

The key features of Doq-NUPER

  • Depending on your eating schedule and frequency, the device automatically divides your calories, nutrients and protein requirements.
  • Depending on the time you would want to devote to prepare food, it will help you simplify the preparation of freshly and lightly processed foods.
  • When you plan to dine out, it will consider those foods that are likely available in certain restaurants and plan your meal.
  • Depending on the exercises you can reasonably do, it plans your diet.
  • If you require a daily treat to feel satisfied, you can input your requirements/cravings into Doq-NUPER and it selects a suitable food or entire diet that would balance the after effects of food that you crave.


Jan 29th to Feb 2nd 2019 - Docture Poly Launch in Russia

Feb 8th 2019 - Docture Poly launch and demo at " National Standard conclave " - Mumbai

Feb 21st 2019- Docture Poly launch at Visakhapatnam